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MV MARIE, loading project in Scotland

Please enjoy some footage of our MV MARIE, loading an offshore project of chains & buoys in upper Scotland. These multi-purpose vessels are shallow drafted and are equipped with a crew which can perform lashing and securing. Do not hesitate to contact our...

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Thank you Mr Philip Durot

Boeckmans’ former owner Philip Durot, managing director from 1961 to 1995, past away at the age of 100 years on the 24th of October 2020. Mr Philip Durot started his carrier as a shipping agent in 1946 under the umbrella of his father Armand Durot, to become later on...

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100 years ago

In 2020, it will be 100 years ago that Armand Durot started his career in shipping as line manager for Johnson Line -- Rederi Aktiebolaget Nordsjernan AS, with their local agent in Antwerp. A century of family tradition and now the 4th generation of the Durot Family...

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Boeckmans sounds the horn

In these difficult times it remains important to back up our nurses, doctors and other medical personnel. To show our support, Boeckmans sounded the horn on Wednesday the 1st of April at noon. Boeckmans keeps putting its best foot forward, doing our part to keep the...

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