We can provide complete and dedicated liner and general forwarding.

liner forwarding

On request of shippers and consignees, we can provide complete and dedicated forwarding services:

  • Shipping or receiving cargo via one of our liner services
  • Very convenient for regular cargo-flows to or from our main trading areas

General forwarding

We have developed a vast experience in forwarding serving the industry and are perfectly able to provide them with following services:

  • Trucking : containers, tautliners, tipping trailers
  • Market research and rate negotiations
  • Customs clearance & fiscal representation
  • Barging and rail transport / multimodal
  • Cargo handling and supervision
  • Storage and distribution
  • Packaging
  • Extensive network of agents world-wide
  • Transport heavy and special dimensions

Our experts

Kris HavermansLogistics Director / CommercialTel: +32 (0)3 2020301kris.havermans@boeckmans.be
Luc SchoovaertsCommercial representativeTel: +32 (0)3 2020251luc.schoovaerts@boeckmans.be
Whitney Van EyckenCustomer ServiceTel: +32 (0)3 2020329whitney.vaneycken@boeckmans.be
Victor CaraghiaurCustomer ServiceTel: +32 (0)3 2020200victor.caraghiaur@boeckmans.be
Anick BosmansCustomer ServiceTel: +32 (0)3 2020216anick.bosmans@boeckmans.be
Veerle Van LookenCustomer ServiceTel: +32 (0)3 2020229veerle.vanlooken@boeckmans.be
Sharif HamdaouiCustomer ServiceTel: +32 (0)3 2020220sharif.hamdaoui@boeckmans.be